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baby boy sleeping on the moon professional newborn photographer watford

Professional Newborn Photographer Watford

Finding a qualified and experienced professional newborn photographer can be challenging, but rewarding with beautiful memories for a lifetime. It might require a bit of effort to put on makeup and organize the trip to the studio, but the final…

awake baby girl newborn photography harpenden

Why book a photo session with Olivia?

Not just a good camera can help a photographer take great photos. Photographers also need technical skills, creativity, and an eye for composition and lighting to create beautiful images. Building trust and making the clients feel comfortable and relaxed during their…

baby boy sleeping in white newborn photography Watford, Hertfordshire

How to book your photoshoot

So you have decided to have your photo taken by a professional photographer. That’s great, and I’m not just saying it because you’re reading about it on my blog

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