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baby boy sleeping on the moon professional newborn photographer watford

Professional Newborn Photographer Watford

Finding a qualified and experienced professional newborn photographer can be challenging, but rewarding with beautiful memories for a lifetime. It might require a bit of effort to put on makeup and organize the trip to the studio, but the final result is always worth it. The photo sessions are relaxed and I always make sure your baby is comfortable. Welcoming a newborn baby into your family is a special moment! We all know your baby is not going to stay this small forever. Babies grow so fast and you will want to treasure those magic first weeks after they are born.

Where is the location of your baby photography studio?

Over the years I photographed many beautiful families that live in the Watford area, just 16-18mins drive to my studio. Your photo session will take place in my private studio in Apsley in Hemel Hempstead. Which is easily accessible from the A41 and M1 and it has free parking. My studio will be warm and cozy for the photo shoot and has a great selection of backdrops, props, outfits, and fabrics for your baby. All the setups are carefully created to meet the parent’s requirements.

Why book a professional newborn photographer near Watford?

Experience, Safety and Posing Training, Patience

I have over 6 years of experience in photographing newborn babies and their families. Yes, I did special training to acquire the knowledge necessary to posing safely your baby. Being a mum myself, the number one priority during the photo session is that your baby is safe and comfortable. Patience is also essential, as the photo sessions are baby led. There will be plenty of time to change and feed the baby, so there is no need to rush.

What happens if my baby is fussy?

You don`t have to worry if your baby doesn`t sleep the whole session. It is normal for the babies to feel that they are in a new place. As long as you are relaxed and enjoying the process, your baby is more likely to relax as well. We will always take breaks for feeding and nappy changes. Patience is important for a successful photoshoot as newborn babies can not be rushed.

baby boy posed newborn photography watford hertfordshire

Can I include my family in the newborn photo shoot?

Yes, I highly recommend to all my clients to have family photos taken as well. Although the focus of the photoshoot is on your baby, this would not be complete without your family. Family portraits are always the most chosen photos no matter how many setups or posing I do with baby alone. I recommend coordinating everyone`s outfits/tops and wearing something comfortable.

family mother and baby newborn photoshoot watford
mother and baby family professional newborn photography watford hertfordshire
family mother and baby newborn photoshoot watfordmother and baby family professional newborn photography watford hertfordshire

I am a little bit self-conscious about how I look

There are ups and downs to being a new mother. As a mother myself, I can relate to you. From the training I did I also learned to pose the parents in the best possible way. I always recommend wearing something that makes you feel comfortable and confident. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, just something that you feel good about. Remember that the photographs you choose will also go through an editing process where further retouching will be done.

baby in blue with balloons professional newborn photographer watford hertfordshire
baby in blue with balloons professional newborn photographer watford hertfordshire

When should I book the newborn photo shoot?

Keep it stress-free and you can book in advance

I am recommending booking a professional newborn photographer before your baby is born so you can keep it stress-free. Once your baby arrives you should enjoy your newborn baby days. We will be scheduling the exact date of the photo session just after the baby is born. Newborn babies are at their most delicate and best to be photographed within the first 4 weeks. But do not worry if you haven`t reserved in advance. Even if your baby is 4-8 weeks old, please do not hesitate to contact me. I am confident and have a lot of experience photographing older newborn babies too.

Capture all the tiny details of your new born baby

Book your professional newborn photographer Watford. Don`t miss out on documenting all these beautiful details that deserve to be cherished forever.

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