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Newborn Portfolio

Ask any parent – it feels like one day you’re changing diapers and the next you’re driving them to their first day of college. Your baby is growing up so fast and I’m here to make his little precious smile last for a lifetime.

Newborn photography is dedicated to making the most important moments of your baby’s life be remembered forever – in high quality, nevertheless!

The studio is fully equipped with everything we need in order to get the cutest shots of your bundle of joy: props, lights, position ideas, and a safe environment for the little one to feel at home.
And no worries about the stress – every model experiences it at the beginning. We’ll have a chat before the shoot to give you some pointers, tips & tricks and to hype you up. On the day of the shoot, we’ll take all the time in the world and work around the baby’s schedule, mood, and “creative vision”. 🙂

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